About Us

Namastey! - as we greet in India.

WrapCupid is officially known as WrapCupid Merchandising Private Limited

Here you go, Discover us and know how your favorite brand built..


Our belief

COMPANY means an idea, not just people and it evolves every day. A brand is nothing but a trust that one can build. As long as, we keep customers happy the company remains immortal like a Cupid.



Our motto is wrapping everyone with our love in the form of clothes by indulging art, fashion and comfort. We are here to build something that lasts.



Providing more buying power to our customers and should celebrate every day as a new season and occasion with us where you can buy T-Shirts here or submit your own designs for the catalog. We enable artists to easily offer their art for sale as t-shirts without giving up the rights to their work.


About Logo and Theme Color

A logo represents the motto of the company, We at Wrapcupid decided to create the perfect logo that stands out from the rest. So, we came up with love symbol in cupid style because by our name itself we are cupids to spread the love in fashion e-commerce. So, we made a stylized combination of letters C & D, which stands for CupiD and also it looks like a mirror image of the letter W, which also stands for Wrap. Our logo represents love which is cupid stands for

While choosing a color for the WrapCupid, we decided to go with the excitement, youthful and attractive color i.e., Red! Being the color of the Love, red represents bold, excitement, & youthful. It is known as the most attractive color. Finally, who doesn’t love the love.

Stages of LOGO formed. Find below


 WrapCupid Brand LOVE Logo

About Wrapcupid

Wrap yourself with love this is what Wrapcupid meant for Cupid is known as the god of desire, love, attraction and affection. It also represents immortality and omnipresence until this planet exists. So we want our brand to spread the same and exist until this planet exists until. Love is all about mixed emotions, In the same way, each color represents an emotion. So we want to spread an emotion with each product we sell. 


About the concept of a seasonal store

India is a diverse country with a vast culture and tradition. We live in a country that has the most celebrated festivals in the world. We want to embrace it by portraying them on the products we sell. We are updated with the latest trends and style according to every seasons and occasion. We understand the expectations in the market and know what the customers are looking for when they want to dress up according to the occasion. We want to make wearable products showing the different festivals celebrated. We greet and stylize everyone according to the occasion and season.


Who are we?

Wrapcupid is nothing without its team. We are a group of cupids graduated from Engineering background with fashion appetite and business and we wear Medium size T-shirts. Everything about a tee captivated us. By choice, we are engineers so we are grown up with a problem-solving attitude. We are here to resolve a better shopping experience for our customers. We started wrapcupid.com to sell fashion along with t-shirts. We believe that fashion is all about comfort. We are honored to dress up our customers to every season and occasion. We strive hard to indulge the artistic fashionable comfort clothes in your day to day life. If selling is our joy, money is our reward is the only driving factor for us. 


Why do we want you to be our valuable customer?

Customer satisfaction is the basic marketing strategy of wrapcupid.com Our fashion comes on insanely soft cotton with an amazing print. We want every customer around the world to celebrate the different seasons, occasions and festivals along with us. Quality and Service are our utmost concern. As a company, we aim to provide a qualitative service to our customers by bringing amazingly inspired Fashion. With new designs every month, there is a lot to look forward at wrapcupid.com. Our Customers will wear a smile when they receive and wear our product because everyone likes good quality but we have great quality.


Our Design

Everything inspires us. We try randomly and keep tweaking our designs till we’re happy. A single design typically goes through lot of iterations. It’s only when we are absolutely sure that our design will bring a smile on your face, we will finally rest in peace, kick back and get ourselves ready for next design.

Not just the design, but also the end product we care about. The color won't come off. The tee won't shrink. The print won’t fade. It will be perfect forever. We truly hope that you enjoy wearing our clothes as much as we enjoyed making them!

Eat. Design. Sleep. Repeat!



We are a cool company with flexible working hours, a beautiful workstation, a freedom of ideas, flat hierarchy, and awesome music playing always to make the atmosphere everything but dull! We create a friendly eco-system with the right amount of madness! We are here to wrap everyone with love in our amazingly inspired designs. Following your heart is the only rule we follow!

We are coming up with more and more exciting seasonal fashion. Get wrapped!

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